Burgundy Color Supreme No 1 Bridal Henna Powder 150g (5.2oz)




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Burgundy Color Henna Powder

Supreme Herbal Henna Powder 150g(5.25oz)

This is a herbal henna made for dying your hair. It is made with the finest ingredients to give your hair that natural color and healthy look. Mehandi has been used by Indian women for centuries to strengthen and rejuvinate the beauty of their hair. this product can be used to decorate ones hands and feet as well if desired. 

Henna is a Natural Products and the natural dye is Reddish brown in color. Indigo powder and other natural herbs are a added to give Black or brown shades. Results may vary from person to person. Slight Reddish tone may sometime be visible on some hair since henna is reddish brown in color. Pure henna powder can be used if you need more reddish brown tone.