Beauty Herbal Henna Plus 80 g


Herbal Henna Plus

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Beauty Herbal Henna Plus 80 g:

  • Using henna with other herbs to condition hair allows for great results in color and conditioning.
  • Beauty Herbal Henna Plus not only has Natural Henna with Amla, Shikakai, but it also includes Brahmi and Mahabhringraj.
  • All these herbs, as a mixture, are extremely beneficial for hairs.
  • Henna - Natural hair color that conditions hair
  • Shikakai - Leaves hair clean and shiny
  • Mahabhringraj - Makes hair luxuriant, prevents premature graying of hair
  • Amla - Darkens hair color, adds shine and luster
  • Brahmi - Helps remove dandruff, also prevents problems such as hair loss and split ends.
  • All these herbs are hand packed after the careful selection of finest quality herbs only