Flower Botanics Pink Lotus Sunflower Day Cream - 40 gms


Shahnaz Husain

Day Cream

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The Pink Lotus base is from the flower botanicas range and it is a day cream which gives protection to the skin from atmospheric and elemental effects and impurities, while maintaining the moisture balance of the skin. Suitable for all skin types, it also has a soothing effect on acne-prone skin. A unique combination of herb and floral extracts, this pink lotus sunflower day cream for MS an ideal protective cover on the skin. It keeps the skin healthy.


This day cream protects the skin from environment effects and pollution

Soothes sensitive skin, keeping it problem free.

Ideal for all skin types

Prevents loss of moisture and leaves the skin soft smooth and healthy.

Pinkish in color and has a thick creamy base

Direction for Use

The Pink Lotus Protective Skin Base can be used in combination with Flower Power Morning Glory Face cream for oily skin and with Flower Power White Water Lily Rehydrant lotion for dry skin.


Kheera Beej Ext.2.0%, Khajoor Ext. 0.50%, Gajar Beej Ext. 0.50%, Gulab Ark 4.0%, Manjeestha Ext 2.50%, Kamal Pushp Ext.0.50%, Gairika 12.0%, Yashad Bhasm 4.0%, Arandi Tel 16.0%, Base q.s. to make it 100%