Hemani Natural Henna Powder 150g - Black With Bakhour



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Hemani Natural Henna Powder 150g 

  • Hemani is not just any ordinary brand, it is one of the most favorite and trusted cosmetic brands in Pakistan
  • Hemani Henna is formulated such that it can be used on both hair and body
  • It is enriched with essential oils which ensure fantastic results
  • It provides a nice and dark and long-lasting color on both your skin and hair as compared to the other Henna products sold in the market

Why Hemani Black Henna with Bakhoor?

  • If you are someone who doesn't like the irritating smell of henna then this is the perfect solution for you as this henna contains bakhoor.
  • Bakhoor in Hemani Black Henna is basically a product originated in Arabic region
  • It is made up of woodchips which are soaked in fragrance oil
  • Bakhoor not only removes the irritating smell of Henna but also gives a very delightful and beautiful scent.