Dulhan Bridal Henna Mehandi Tattoo Design Cone


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Henna Mehendi Tattoo Cones

Bridal henna mehandi tubes are made from pure henna mixed with special herbs & oils like eucalyptus oil to give darker color no chemicals are used.

  • Perfect choice for marriage and other festive occasion.
  • Our mehandi cones & tubes have been used by rich & famous and for over decades using same formula.
  • We also sell henna design books & henna oils that can be used to get great color & design.
  • We do not sell henna mixed with chemicals so please do not expect to get dark color as soon as you apply.
  • Best dark colors are obtained by leaving henna overnight after applying and remove it in the morning.
  • Henna color will last for several days. The less you use water and soap the longer it will last.
  • Pointed tip to help you achieve nice and smooth curves and even flow of henna 

Most people sell henna with chemicals to give instant black color these chemicals are not good for skin or hair. The henna that I sell is pure and do not contain any harmful chemical. It might take some time to get color but these are natural color with no chemical and last for several days.




1-3 Cones

$2.99 Each Cones

4- 12 Cones

$2.5 Each Cones

13-50 Cones

$2.00 Each Cones

51-250 Cones

$1.75 Each Cones

251= 500 Cones

$1.60 Each Cones

501 - 750 Cones

$1.40 each Cones

751 -1000 Cones

$1.00 each Cones

1000+ Cones

$0.75 each Cones