Herbal Facial Kit I Shacleanse, Shascrub, Shalife & Shatex


Shahnaz Husain


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Shahnaz Husain Herbal Facial Kit Shacleanse, Shascrub, Shalife & Shatex

Shacleanse Hydrating Cleanser 40 gm / 1.4 oz

A dehydrant cleanser for normal to dry skin, it helps to remove impurities from the skin surface, without disturbing the moisture balance. Softens dead skin cells and facilitates their removal. Enhances skin beauty and leaves skin looking soft, smooth and moisturized. 
Method of Use
Apply on face, neck and hands. Massage gently in circular movements. Remove with moist cotton wool. wash off.

Shas rub Face & Body Scrub 40 gm / 1.4 oz
Indications This cream has natural scrub particles of Walnut, Date extract, Coconut & Lemon Oil, which provide intensive deep pore cleansing, leaving the skin cleaner and brighter. 
Method of Use
Gently rub on skin for 5 to 10 minutes, using circular movements. Wash off. 

Shallie Ayurvedic Nourishing Cream 40 gm / 1.4 oz

A luxurious night cream, which helps the skin look younger. It slows down the look of ageing. It also helps to moisturize and refresh dull, dry skin, reducing the appearance of age spots and skin blotches. Works as an efficient emollient. 
Method of Use
After cleansing, massage into the skin, using upward and outward strokes. Leave on for 5 minutes. Remove with moist cotton

Shatex Toning/ Texturizing Mask 100 gm / 3.5 oz
An effective combination of Herbal ingredients which helps to improve the tone and texture of the skin. It makes the skin look clear, smooth and firm. 
Method of Use
Apply all over face and neck, avoiding the eyes. Let it dry. Wash off, preferably with milk and then water.