Nirwana Honey Ginger Tea 360g



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Ginger (Zingier official) is a natural spice that is also widely prized for its medicinal properties.

Ginger tea is consumed daily in many parts of the world, especially Asia. Its health benefits are well-known around the planet, and its pungent taste is very appreciating.

Ginger tea has anti-fungal properties. It is a great herbal remedy for relieving the burning and itching associated with athlete's foot. Just, you have to prepare ginger tea, let it cool down, and soak your foot for 15 minutes a couple of times a day.

Ginger tea has many health benefits. It is known to prevent colds, aids digestion and motion sickness and also used as a great remedy for nausea and sore throats. It also effective on diarrhea and stomach ache due to low body temperature and helps the blood circulation.

Other Health Benefits

  • Relieves sore throat.
  • Freshens bad breath.
  • Decreases blood sugar.
  • Reduces excessive perspiration.
  • Relieves flatulence.
  • Increases libido.
  • Relieves menstrual pain.
  • Minimizes symptoms of allergies, the common cold, and other respiratory disorders.