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Shahnaz Husain

Pearl Facial Kit

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Shahnaz Husain Pearl Facial Kit

Includes : Pearl Mask (500grm) And Pearl Cream (500gms)

Pearl Mask

Enriched with amino acids and minerals, it helps to moisturize the skin and improve skin texture, making the skin appear soft, firm, youthful and radiant, with an even colour tone. 
Method of Use
Apply on face and neck, avoiding eyes. When it dries, wash off, preferably with milk and then water.

Pearl Cream

Containing the powder of real pearls, it is based on an ancient formula. Protects the skin against the drying effects of the sun and abuse of the elements. Helps to moisturize the skin, so that the complexion looks radiant. Revitalizes and rejuvenates the skin surface, producing an even colour tone.
Method of Use
Apply sparingly on face, neck and hands twice a day.