Shahnaz Shableach Skin Clarifying Lotion


Shahnaz Husain

Skin Bright Lotion

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Shahnaz Husain

Shableach (Skin Clarifying Lotion)

Skin Bright Lotion 200ml

The formulation promotes a visible improvement in the clarity, texture and tone of the skin. Helps to brighten blemish-prone and freckled skin.
Method of Use
Mix 5 drops of shableach, (or 2 tsp. Shamint if sensitive skin) 4 tsp. Shaface, 2 tsp. Shafresh, 1 tsp. Honey, 1 egg (use egg white for oily skin and egg yolk for dry skin), 1 tsp. Yoghurt. Apply the paste all over face & neck, avoiding the eyes. When it dries, wash off, preferably with milk and then water. Refrigerate the remainder. Later add milk or yoghurt to soften. Can be used daily for oily and dry skin.