1000ml Shahnaz Husain Shaneem Scalp Cleanser


Shahnaz Husain


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Shahnaz Husain Shaneem
Salon Size Neem Scalp Cleanser
1000 ml Salon Size (Economy Pack)

Advantages of Neem FOR HAIR

Neem is Natural Anti-bacterial, Anti- parasitic, Anti- fungal, Anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties 

Neem can help you get rid of common HAIR problems like dandruff, hair fall hair loss

Neem is a natural way to fight hair problems like itchy and dry scalp, 
scalp disorder or infections that can lead to alopecia or baldness 
stops hair loss and promote hair growth from roots


A unique formulation, which helps to remove loose dandruff and other impurities, providing protection from dryness. It fortifies the hair, making it look thick and lustrous. It tones the scalp and improves hair texture.
Method of Use: 
Apply on hair. Massage gently for some time and wash off with water.